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All  documents of Canadian origin that will be used in the Dominican Republic must first be passed through Global Affairs Canada, /global-affairs-affaires-mondiales/home-accueil.aspx?lang=eng  o to the offices of Official Document Services (Only for the Province of Ontario), at 222 Jarvis Street West, downtown Toronto, and then to our offices to be legalized and translated.

Residency Visa Requirements (RS)

They will be issued in favor of people interested in residing permanently in the country. Those who have the following reasons qualify for this type of visa:

  • Family ties (family reunification by marriage / direct dependence).

  • Investors Law 171-07.

  • Pensioners, Retirees or Rent holders according to Law 171-07.

The Residence Visa (RS), has a validity for its use of 60 days and is valid for a single entry. Once in Dominican territory, the beneficiary of this visa must appear before the General Directorate of Immigration to formalize the procedures of his temporary residence, having to complete the additional requirements that this requires, this visa being the first requirement. (Section VI, Article 48, Section (a) Decree No. 631-11, Regulation of application of the General Migration Law No. 285-04).

Types of Residence Visa (RS)

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