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All  documents of Canadian origin that will be used in the Dominican Republic must first be passed through Global Affairs Canada, /global-affairs-affaires-mondiales/home-accueil.aspx?lang=eng  o to the offices of Official Document Services (Only for the Province of Ontario), at 222 Jarvis Street West, downtown Toronto, and then to our offices to be legalized and translated.

 Dependency Visa Requirements (DPM)

Dependency visas are issued on the basis of family dependence of users, beneficiaries of diplomatic visas, official, courtesies, business for work (NM1) and student, subject to the type of visa granted to the primary relative or the employer of who depend.

All foreign citizens legally residing in the Dominican Republic have the right to request visas by dependence in the consular offices of the Dominican Republic.



  • Visa form filled out and duly completed by machine or legible. Available at the headquarters of the consular offices or in the services portal.

  • Visa application letter addressed to the consular office by the person on whom the beneficiary depends, who must identify himself, present evidence that he has a Student or Business Visa for a one year NML (in the latter case said communication must be subscribed by the body on which the beneficiary of the NMl visa depends). Likewise, it must indicate if the person in favor of whom the visa is requested depends on him by family ties or by employment relationship.

  • One (1) photograph size 4 x 5 centimeters, front and with white background.

  • Original passport with a minimum validity of six (06) months.

  • Legible photocopy of the Residence Card. (If applicable).

  • Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate of the children, according to the quality of the person requesting the dependency visa, duly apostilled and translated.


  • Certificate of No Criminal Record (Not required for minors) issued (in less than 12 months of the application) by the competent authority (federal authority in the case of Länder) of the countries in which it has resided in the last 5 years, duly legalized or apostilled, as appropriate.

  • Medical Certification that the petitioner does not have contagious infectious diseases.

  • Dominican and other countries visas valid or expired

For the guarantor in RD:

Letter of Guarantee by the company or institution responsible for the main holder duly notarized and legalized in the Attorney General's Office, this document must be presented by the applicant along with the other documents on the day of his interview at the Dominican consulate, It is essential that this letter of guarantee contains the following clause, so that it can be accepted by our Diplomatic or Consular Mission.


"I guarantee that (name, nationality, passport or identity document of the dependents), are the dependents of Mr. / a (main titular name), which occupies the position of (position) in our company, so" I do morally and economically responsible to the return of their country of origin, assuming to pay in favor of the Dominican State any expenses that such person may incur during their stay in the country, or that originates as a result of their repatriation or deportation thereof. "

  • Documents evidencing economic solvency (bank letter, work letter, property titles, etc.), of the person on whom it is dependent. If any document is issued in the Dominican Republic, it must be certified by a notary public and legalized by the Attorney General's Office.

  • Copy of the Dominican Residence Card or Visa and copy of the passport of the person on whom the interested party depends.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to summon the guarantor to exhaust an interview with an official of the consular address.



  • Having completed all the requirements above, DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN APPROVAL OF THE VISA, but indicates that the consulate can accept your request, evaluate it and send it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will issue a final decision.

  • The consular officer can not decide whether or not to grant you the Dependency Visa (DPM) until you formally request and your application is evaluated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, we strongly advise you NOT to buy non-refundable air tickets or make other travel plans until you receive your visa.

  • The beneficiaries of Dependency Visas (DPM) once in Dominican territory, have a period of 30 days to appear before the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) to formalize the procedures of their residence or temporary permit, having to complete the additional requirements that this it requires according to the Regulation of application of the General Migration Law No. 285-04.


IMPORTANT: The Dependency Visa is valid for one (1) year with multiple entries.

Application Fee USD$150.00

legalization USD$100.00 (by document)

Translate USD$40.00 (by document)

Our hours of operation are:

Monday to Friday from 9:00A.M. – 3:00P.M.

– Except statutory holidays


Our mailing address is:

Consulate General of the Dominican Republic
121 Richmond Street West, Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 2K1

Click on the file to download the Visa application form:

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