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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I require a Visa to travel to the Dominican Republic?


Any citizen who has legal status in Canada (citizen or permanent resident) does not require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic, in case of not being a citizen or Resident, he must carry a Canadian multiple entry visa to enter the country.


If you do not meet any of the above conditions, you require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic, please check the link below to check the conditions for foreigners entering the Dominican Republic:


NOTE: Work permit: It is not considered a multiple entry visa.


2. How long does my passport need to be valid enter the Dominican Republic?

For visa applications, you must have a minimum of 6 months validity, in case of traveling only with a passport (countries exempt from Visa), it must be valid for the duration of yout trip.


3. What time can I stay in the Dominican Republic as a tourist?


The maximum period that a foreigner can stay in the Dominican Republic as a tourist is 30 days.



4. How can I apply for a Tourist Visa to enter the Dominican Republic?


On our website, foreigners have the facility to consult all the requirements and download the forms. Please check the Visa section of the main menu.


5. I have a work permit, can I travel as a tourist to the Dominican Republic?


Work permits are not considered as multiple visas, however if you have a work visa with multiple entries if you can travel as a tourist, otherwise you must apply for a Visa through our offices by downloading the form in our Visa section.



6. Is my Canadian or Foreign driver's license valid in the Dominican Republic?


Yes, it is valid, but only for the duration of your legal stay, that is, up to 30 days or the period of your visa.


7. Can I travel with my pet to the Dominican Republic?


Call your airline to get updated information before traveling with your cat or dog. Find out the cost of transporting your animal on board or in the hold. Make your reservation early because some airlines restrict the number of pets that can be transported on a single flight.


A health certificate issued and signed by an authorized veterinarian must accompany each animal. The certificate has to establish that the pet was examined within 30 days prior to departure and that it was found free of any infectious disease, that it has been treated against external and internal parasites, and that it was vaccinated against rabies. The anti-rabies vaccination certificate must include the date of vaccination, the period of immunity established, the name of the product and the serial number.


Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, ask to speak with the animal control officer who will review your veterinary certificate (s), and fill out the official pet entry permit form that is required.


8. What happens if I decide to stay in the country for more than 30 days?


You will be charged an extended stay rate at the airport, proportional to the amount of time; RD $ 2,500 (approximately US $ 50) for an additional month. This is paid on departure at the migration desk, after passing the security control.


9. What do I need to travel with a minor?


If the child is not of Dominican descent and is traveling to the Dominican Republic and back to Canada, accompanied and under the care of the same adults, authorization is not required. However, he / she may require authorization to leave Canada. Therefore, you can contact the Border Services Agency of Canada (CBSA).


10. Can I travel to the Dominican Republic if I have a criminal record?


If the person is allowed to leave Canada and is traveling on a direct flight from Canada to the Dominican Republic, they can enter the country.

11. What do I need to obtain a driver's license certification?

You need to provide your driver's license and certification from the transit department in the DR only if your card does not show that you have a minimum of 2 years driving experience, because it has been recently renewed etc. and a payment for USD40.00

12. I would like to live / reside in the Dominican Republic what type of visa do I need?

You can apply for residency if you qualify in one of the following categories: the son of a Dominican citizen / legal resident, married to a Dominican citizen / legal resident, under an indefinite employment contract, as an investor with businesses already established in the country , enrolled in an academic institution, retired in Canada and would like to continue the retirement there, renter and lives on a rent or missionary and plans to work with an institution in the country.

The residency process begins in Canada by first applying for a residency visa and once issued, you must enter the country within the first 30 days of its validity to submit your provisional residency application in Santo Domingo. For more information about the residency visa, you can go to the "Visas" section in the main menu.

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