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All  documents of Canadian origin that will be used in the Dominican Republic must first be passed through Global Affairs Canada, /global-affairs-affaires-mondiales/home-accueil.aspx?lang=eng  o to the offices of Official Document Services (Only for the Province of Ontario), at 222 Jarvis Street West, downtown Toronto, and then to our offices to be legalized and translated.

Business Visa Requirements


Business visas are issued for business, professional or commercial trips. It is granted for sixty (60) days and may be renewed automatically at the request of the interested party within the term of 60 days of validity, without the express authorization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the person needs to travel to the country more frequently, he / she can request a business visa with multiple entries valid for one year, not being able to stay in the country for more than two consecutive months.

All citizens of the world who wish to do business in the Dominican Republic can apply for a Business Visa at the consular offices of the Dominican Republic.

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