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Renewal of Passport for Loss of Passbook

The passport is the official document issued by the Dominican Republic to its citizens with the main purpose that they can travel abroad and move from one country to another. The passport book of the Dominican Republic is bio metric and is issued for six (6) years. The passport is essential for the carrier to travel to the Dominican Republic and to be properly identified.


When citizens have lost their personal passport they can go to the Dominican Consulate, in order to manage a new Passport. The Consulate will deliver a Bio metric passport with all the security and reliability guarantees suggested by the ICAO for passports.


Every Dominican citizen has the right to request a new passport book at the consular offices of the Dominican Republic when the previous one has been lost or lost.





First. Once aware of the loss of the document, the Dominican citizen must go with a document that identifies him, to the police station nearest to present a report of loss of the Passport. The police station will give you a document certifying the complaint.


Second. Submit to the Dominican Consulate to ask and / or review the List of Lost Documents that the authorities of the country where the consulate is located have sent to the Consulate, to check if your document has been reported. If it is found, it will be delivered personally to the passport holder.


Third. If the lost passport has not been sent to the Dominican Consulate by the authorities of the country where the loss occurred, as a lost, the citizen can proceed to request the issuance of a new passport book in this Consulate. For the purposes it is required:


  1. Report of the loss of the passport to the local police.

  2. Affidavit of Loss of Passport (if you do not have a complaint to the local police).

  3. Birth certificate legalized by the Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic issued as of the year 2012.

  4. A recent photograph, size 5 x 5 cm, white background, front, without slope (includes the female and male), without a smile, without grimace, with the hair pulled back, and to clearly observe the ears.

  5. Photocopy of the lost passport (if you have one).

  6. Dominican Identity and Electoral Card.





  1. If the passport is for a minor, it must be managed by one of its parents or legal representative.

  2. The amount to be paid is in US dollars (USD).

  3. In this section only the most frequent services are mentioned. Any other type of service associated with a passport will be addressed according to the nature of the request.

  4. For any service, consular offices are authorized to include additional requirements to those indicated in this document.

  5. The consular offices have the right to refuse to manage a service, if the consular staff doubts the utility for the citizen; if you think that such service may injure the Applicant's future interests; or if you question the public FAITH of the Consular Office.



Our hours of operation are:

Monday to Friday from 9:00A.M. – 3:00P.M.

-Except Holidays 


Our mailing address is:

Consulate General of the Dominican Republic
121 Richmond Street West, Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 2K1




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